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Golden Nuggets: Should Bosa use the flag-plant as his sack celebration?

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, October 13 2019

So I’d tell you again it’s time for the Los Angeles Rams, but we got a long day for all that. Let’s talk about one more thing: The flag plant. If you didn’t know, Nick Bosa had an awesome and original celebration for knocking Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Bosa did this:

The whole thing stemmed from Mayfield planting an Oklahoma flag in the center of Ohio State’s field back in college.

If you put aside the rivalry, it’s a pretty clever celebration. I wish the league would allow him to plant the flag on top of a QB but that would never happen. Even with that, I like it. Not as much as DeForest Buckner’s broom-sweep celebration (that I originally thought was him curling) but I still like it.

So is it going to stay? No. He’s going to return to the shrug. I kind of wondered if he stumbled on something with that flag plant. Forget his alma mater, planting a flag is unique and clever. I think he should keep it.

What say you, Niners Nation? While you think on that, I’m going to give you some links:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...