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Time to get pumped for 49ers-Rams

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It’s pump thread time!

Update: When I say decorum is off, that doesn’t mean multiple F-bombs in one comment.

I don’t need to explain much here. You know how these work by now.






Since the Cleveland Browns aren’t helping the 49ers out, the 49ers might as well take care of things themselves. They have the Los Angeles Rams in an away game that could A: strengthen the 49ers’ grip on the division and B: knock the Rams out of the race.

With that said. MUSIC:

Yes, we’re going to the M. Bison theme because the Rams have been that annoying villain for the last couple years. The one we burned quarters on in the arcades.

Actually...the music just sounded adequate. Site decorum is off in here so post your gifs, your threads and get pumped. Game threads are next.

Got a song you want us to use next week? Post it in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @patoholloway. I’ll give credit where it’s due.