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Bosa: We’re in the driver’s seat now.

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Some post game quotes after the 49ers

Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

This game was the most enjoyable game of the season for me. I watched it at a bar with my fellow 49ers fans in Phoenix. There were about 100 fans in that place. Cheers after each first down. Screams after big plays. It was a ton of fun. Winning will do that. Here are some quotes and random stats from the game.

Kyle Shanahan was confident, heading into this game. He said, “I had a feeling if we don’t turn it over; you’re going to win this game.” He was correct. The head coach also said, “I’d wear Jimmie Ward’s jersey if they’d let me.” Ward came up with a pair of big plays that led to a turnover for the defense.

Shanahan got on the headset and told Robert Saleh, “hey, don’t panic.” Saleh says Shanahan was as calm as a cat. 49ers made adjustments to the Rams’ lateral run game and shut them down for the remainder of the game, save a 22-yard run.

This was the worst performance of Jared Goff’s career from a yards per attempt standpoint. He finished the game averaging 3.3 yards per attempt. His previous low? 3.8, against the 49ers in 2016.

The 49ers held the Rams to 3.3 yards per play today. That’s the lowest average in Rams franchise history since this has been tracked in 1940 (previous record, 3.4 yards per play in 1960).

George Kittle on playing the Rams: “As I said, this was a game I had on my calendar for a year.”

Nick Bosa: “This is the win right here. This is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to make a statement in our division. We’re in the driver’s seat now.”

Richard Sherman said Jaquiski Tartt three times in a row, then did the same for Ward. He feels like those two are not being appreciated. He also said K’Waun Williams is playing like the best Nickel cornerback in the NFL, and it’s not close. Sherman said this defense aspires to be like the ‘85 Bears, the ‘00 Ravens, and the Steel Curtain.

Jimmy Garoppolo on the offensive line: “They set the tone from the very beginning and makes me very comfortable back there.”

Saleh on the goal-line stand: “I’m not going to lie, I blackout during those moments. I get excited for the guys and their success. When they make big plays, I feel like I’m right there with them. When we fail, I’m right there with them too. So, we’re always together.”

The Rams went a combined 0-for-13 on 3rd and 4th down today. Since 2001, only the 2010 Bears have gone more third and fourth down plays in a game without a conversion.

I’ll leave you with tweets from the players, who are clearly fired up.