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49ers remain undefeated after beating the Rams, today is a good day

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They are running out of excuses to not make a deep playoff run

What did you do with your Sunday?

I’ll admit some of that game was ugly, and if you were not a 49ers fan, you may have found that game today boring, but the 49ers beat the defending NFC Champions. And I don’t want to hear that the Rams didn’t have Todd Gurley. The 49ers didn’t have their starting fullback. Or their two left tackles. Or one of their cornerbacks. Or their clutch slot receiver. They didn’t have any of that and they managed to beat the Rams.

Oh, and if anyone is going to give that “Who have they beaten” question, my response is 5-0. They blew out the Browns, they beat the defending NFC Champions in an away game. What more do you need the 49ers to do to tell you you’re legit? Right, you don’t need anything else.

So today is yet another good day. The 49ers now are 5-0, first in the West and have a chance to hit double digit wins. Now they head to Washington. That game is no gimmie. Washington might struggle, but it’s cross country. The 49ers have proved they are a top-5 team and if you didn’t know, now you do.

Plus it’s the Rams. Aside from a game where they played the backups, the 49ers have been bottom feeders to the Rams. Beating them in their house changes all of that.

Speaking of their house, did anyone catch the “Let’s go Niners” cheers from the fans? Awesome. I love takeovers. Especially against the Rams.

Take care and enjoy yourselves.