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49ers remain in first place in the NFC West

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The San Francisco 49ers and the Rams had a football game. Well, we know how that ended. The 49ers held the Rams in check (after spotting them 7 points) to the tune of 20-7 and are, without question, first place in the NFC West.

The win puts the Rams at .500 and third in the NFC West. This division is still wide open despite the loss, but they now have to claw their way out of a two-loss hole within the division.

Let’s look at everyone else:

Seattle Seahawks(5-1)

The Cleveland Browns were giving the Seahawks a nice shellacking to start. This is great because A: It’s the Seahawks, and the 49ers need any help they can get and B: The 49ers gave the Browns a good thumping the week prior. If the Browns could win that would say a lot about how good the 49ers were.

Except that they didn’t. The Seahawks got back their mojo in the second half and went on to win. In true Seattle winning fashion, the officials came to the rescue with a phantom illegal block on Jarvis Landry to start things. Later, there was a call on a possible touchdown where Landry outstretched his arms into the endzone, but the ball came free and was initially ruled a touchback until Seattle got slapped with too many men on the field penalty.

It is what it is. The Browns had their opportunities and squandered them as they let the Seahawks back into the game. Right now, the Seahawks are a game back of the 49ers in the NFC West.

Arizona Cardinals (2-3-1)

The Cardinals are all but out of this thing at this point. All we need are a few weeks to go by and no absolute crazy. The Falcons had their backs against the wall and a coach in Dan Quinn, whose seat is getting hotter by the week. Much like the Rams, the Falcons found a way to lose in this situation, missing an extra point to tie the game after 1:53 left in regulation.

That warms up Quinn’s seat quite a bit while it also gives the Cardinals their second win of the season. At this point, it’s hard to see the Cardinals in the thick of anything, but crazier things have happened.

Into Week 7

The 49ers will get a nice breather going up against Washington. If they are this juggernaut we want them to be, a team like Washington should be little trouble. Plus, you know Kyle Shanahan wants to run the score up on a team that made him and his dad’s lives absolute hell.

The Seahawks welcome the Baltimore Ravens in Seattle. That game is going not to be pretty. The Baltimore offense has been hot or cold, and it seemed to have a very sluggish win against the Cincinnati Bengals. 23-17 isn’t exactly convincing.

The Rams will head to play the Atlanta Falcons. I think we know how that game is going to end. While the 49ers dominated the Rams, the Rams are still one of the better teams in the NFC, and I expect the Falcons to be something the Rams can take their frustrations out on.

The Cardinals? Have fun with another crummy game. They play the New York Giants. With any luck, it’s not the game the networks decide to slap everyone with.

1st: San Francisco 49ers; Next: at Washington

2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: vs. Baltimore Ravens

3rd: Los Angeles Rams; Next: at Atlanta Falcons

4th: Arizona Cardinals; Next: at New York Giants