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Ryan Clark thinks the 49ers would be just as good with Mason Rudolph as their QB


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Ryan Clark is an intelligent human being. Sometimes, smart humans say dumb things. This is a great example. Clark played 13 seasons in the NFL and is currently on ESPN. If you check out Clark’s timeline on Twitter, he had a hot take after the 49ers beat the Rams. Clark said:

I am 100% convinced that the 49ers are a good football team. I’m also 100% convinced that they’d be just as good if Mason Rudolph were their QB. Maybe even better.


Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t playing at an MVP level, but suggesting the Niners would be better with Mason Rudolph is asinine. The worst part is Clark spend all Sunday night and Monday defending his take. He showed plenty of love to the 49ers defense, tight end, ability to run the ball. Essentially, Clark has complimented every aspect of the 49ers, except for their quarterback.

Yes, exactly how the Steelers used Mason Rudolph to beat Cincy. I totally agree with this tweet. Jimmy G has the luxury of a stellar defense, great run game, & the best pass-catching TE in football w/ great run after. So he dinks/dunks & doesn’t lose the game.

Garoppolo’s season stats on third down: 26-of-39 for 225 yards, one touchdown, one interception, and 19 of those completions have gone for first downs. Garoppolo is doing exactly what he’s being asked to do. The interception came on a play where George Kittle was mugged at the line of scrimmage, and just about everything that went wrong on that play could go wrong.

Pro Football Reference rolled out advanced stats. Let’s look at a couple of stats between the two. Bad throw percentage is self-explanatory. Rudolph is second in league with 22.3%, while Garoppolo is 25th with 12.3. Talking about dink and dunking, Garoppolo’s average air yards per completion is 5.2. Rudolph’s is 3.8%, which is dead last in the league.

I understand where Clark was coming from. I agree that fans are a little too protective of Garoppolo, and their teams quarterback in general, but Garoppolo isn’t holding his team back, which seemed to be the point Clark was making. He’s coming off as if anyone can do the job. Garoppolo is 13-2 as a starter. Only eight other quarterbacks in the NFL have won 13 of their 15 starts in the Super Bowl era. If winning were so easy, how come more quarterbacks don’t do it?