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Brian Baldinger gives the 49ers quite a bit of love this week

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It’s a 49ers win, it’s a Baldy Breakdown. Actually, a lot of Baldy Breakdowns.

Brian Baldinger’s the best. As long as he keeps breaking down the 49ers, I’ll keep posting his awesome analysis of what I wouldn’t give for a produced show on NFL Network to hear him talk about some of these plays. Well, there isn’t a three or four Baldy Breakdowns this week to go over the San Francisco 49ers win over the Los Angeles Rams, there’s seven (7). Seven Baldy Breakdowns.

So let’s start with Jimmie Ward. If there was a person to save the 49ers’ skin in the game late, it was Ward. He also stopped the run game when the 49ers decided to have him jam the box once they were done spotting the Rams seven points:

Next up is the 49ers defense taking advantage of some bad play calling. Two times the Rams were 3rd and 1 and two times they dropped back for a pass. Doing it once isn’t a bad idea, doing it twice makes little sense. Oh but they tried running on 4th and 1. Too bad Jaquiski Tartt hits like a freight train.

Next up is the 49ers defense and how they went Gandalf saying, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” When the Rams tried this in the second quarter, the game was taking a bad, bad, turn. Why McVay didn’t kick the field goal in the second quarter is beyond me. If you’re the 49ers, you go for it, if you’re the Rams, you take the points and move on. I don’t know what they were trying to do going for it. But what do I know? Rewatching the game, I think after the 49ers stonewalled the Rams here, it was pretty much all over.

Next up is our first sack of the day. One with Jared Goff tripping over his own lineman. The 49ers just obliterated this pocket like it were a building in Rampage.

This next one is Jimmy Garoppolo in a filthy pocket, navigating everything and throwing a dart to Kittle.

This is a good one. Baldinger breaks down how the 49ers manage to have a running game despite losing Kyle Juszczyk. Ross Dwelley gets some love on this one. While not having Juszczyk hurts, at least we know the 49ers can hold things down.

The 49ers were also without starting tackles. They needed their tight ends to step up in the blocking department. Take a look at this:

Baldinger was able to break down the few defensive miscues the 49ers did have to end the game. All two of them. I’m not going to link the coverage busts as this is getting a bit long vertically, but you can see them here and here.

Brian Baldinger seriously is the best.