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Jalen Ramsey provides another reason to watch Rams-49ers in Week 15

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That trade...

So the Los Angeles Rams made a trade. They traded two firsts for Jalen Ramsey, a cornerback that is going to ask for a huge deal and hamstring the Rams’ salary cap even further after his deal is up in 2020. So they have Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, and (maybe?) Ramsey.

I’m not here to talk about how he wouldn’t have helped the Rams win Sunday, or that he can block on the offensive line, or throw the ball (two needs of the Rams). No, I’m here to reset something else.

Everyone remember when Jalen Ramsey last tangoed with Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers? The 49ers hung 44 points on the Jaguars. Some of those were pick-sixes, but this was a vaunted Jaguars defense back then. Shortly after that beat down, Garoppolo’s place in the NFL top-100 came into question, a question that Ramsey had his own words on:

“What he play, five games? He has good potential. I think he’ll be a good player but, my experience playing him, it was a lot of scheme stuff. It wasn’t like he was just dicing us up.”

The response struck Niners Nation gold, because shortly after I called him out on this, we got this gem:

The thing is, Ramsey had a point. In fact, he’s absolutely right. Just one problem: A defensive player on the wrong side of a 44-point beatdown isn’t exactly the one that shold be making these statements on how they received said 44-point beatdown.

Anyways, after all of this, we now can have Jimmy Garoppolo put a stop to this scheme vs. play debate. The 49ers play the Rams on December 22. I for sure will be clearing my calendar and hoping that Garoppolo dices them up rather than using scheme.

I am still not sure if I should ‘@’ Ramsey for this post.