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Bill Callahan on the 49ers’ pass rush: We’re going to need a lot of help, to say the least.

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Washington’s interim Head Coach was on a conference call Wednesday morning

Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Washington’s interim head coach Bill Callahan was on a conference call Wednesday morning to discuss the challenges of facing the 49ers. The first question to Callahan was discussing the 49ers’ pass rush:

First off, you look at the Niner defense, and everything about it tells you speed, explosiveness, quickness, ability to redirect and generate pressure from all different angles and alignment. We’re going to need a lot of help, to say the least. This is one of the best units I’ve seen so far this year.

Is there something specifically that jumps out on the defensive line, especially in their Nickel package?

There are five first-rounders up there, so they all jump out. All of them play to their strengths, and they can all generate different types of quality moves. When they line up across the board, there’s just not one individual you can hone in on. When we played the Bears, you have Khalil Mack that you’re focused on. This is a little bit different because there are so much quality depth and outstanding players that it’s going to be a real challenge for our protection unit.

On Vernon Davis and his athleticism as a 35-year-old

He’s been ageless in so many senses. To come out here at his age, and to still play at a high level, and still function, not only as a blocker inline, but to also to generate vertical speed down the field. That’s always something he’s possessed and maintained.

If Adrian Peterson is similar to Davis

Another ageless wonder. These types of players that come onto your roster at this point in their career, they still have it. They’re elite athletes. It’s interesting to watch them over the years, and talk to them about their training, and see them train, and see them maintain the level that they have.

As an offensive line coach, what are the 49ers doing well on offense despite not having their offensive tackles

They’re diverse. They’ve played great formational football. They give you a lot of problems from a formational standpoint. They always come up with another two or three formations that you haven’t seen and that you have to adjust to. They run the zone game; still, that’s a staple of Kyle and his father, Mike. They’ve mixed in a little more gap schemes and perimeter schemes. They’ve really taken their system into the new age with all the jet sweeps and motions. They’re committed to running the ball, and they have a good mix of their zone and gap and perimeter run package. Then they compliment it well with their run-action passing game.

It’s a real problem for people. It’s a huge problem. Especially when you’re number one in the league in rushing attempts and pass completions, those completions pay off. We really have a huge challenge, not only against the run but preventing the big play as well.

What have you seen from Jimmy Garoppolo coming off a torn ACL?

They’ve done a great job managing his game. He’s competent in all areas. He can read the field. He can hurt you deep short. He knows how to get the ball out. I just see a guy that’s really tuned into his progression and can function well with whatever route concept they’re giving him. He’s smart, and he’s going to make plays.

The big thing for us is the run-action shots. That’s where the potency lies in their offense. Not that they couldn’t just drop back and throw it if they wanted to. Jimmy has done it all. He can move in the pocket. He gives them a little more versatility when he’s moving on the edge.