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Thursday Night Football Thread: Chiefs at Broncos

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Well, it’s football. I guess.

Anyone up for a football game? This could be interesting, but probably not. Tonight, Thursday Night Football kicks off Week 7 with the Kansas City Chiefs traveling to Mile High to face the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos have a lot of issues. One of them being Joe Flacco at quarterback. It’s hard to decide if their issues stem from Vic Fangio as head coach or if it’s because of John Elway as general manager. Right now they sit at 2-4 and those two wins have been rather ugly.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs have lost back to back games. While Pat Mahomes hasn’t been the problem in those losses, he’s definitely been held in check. It’s a Thursday game, and since we were given the decent Seahawks-Rams contest a couple of weeks ago, maybe we’re in line for another good game.