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Jimmy Garoppolo is in good company for his first five starts in 2019

No, I’m not trying to jinx it.

There’s a lot of stats to look at with Jimmy Garoppolo’s progression and how he’s acclimating to the quarterback position. Kyle Shanahan’s quarterback position. How about this:

This is his sixth start for the year, which makes 2019 his longest season as a pro. Sure that doesn’t sound like much but remember he went down before his time as starting quarterback was up with the New England Patriots, got five starts in the next year with the 49ers, and then three additional starts for 2017 before...that happened.

I got some other stats to share with you. Here are Jimmy Garoppolo’s stats in his five starts to close out 2017: 120 completions on 178 attempts (67.4 completion percentage) for 1,560 yards, seven touchdowns to five interceptions, eight sacks, and a passer rating of 96.2.

Ok, here’s what he did in 2019 thus far: 102 completions on 146 attempts (69.86 completion percentage) for 1,163 yards, seven touchdowns to five interceptions, six sacks, and a passer rating of 95.2.

Consistency, man. He’s thrown less passes for less yardage, but my argument has been, when have the 49ers needed to throw? And when he does, he’s been hovering around where he was at the end of 2017. Sure there’s been a few overthrows, but he’s still developing. Did anyone watch Thursday night’s game between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs? Did anyone see Joe Flacco? Say what you want, but Garoppolo looks darn good to me.

Just to finalize some things, I have some other stats to show you from three different quarterbacks:

The first quarterback’s third season (first starting) got him these numbers in the first five games: 103 completions on 163 attempts (63 percent completion percentage) for 1,274 yards, nine touchdowns, four interceptions (three of which came in a single game), 11 sacks and a passer rating of 95.4

Quarterback No. 2’s third season (second season as a starter) had their first five games with 111 completions on 160 attempts (69 percent completion percentage) for 1,137 yards, eight touchdowns, seven picks, eight sacks and a 72.94 passer rating

And Quarterback No. 3’s third season (first full season as a starter, but they started 15 games the year prior) began with this their first five games: 146 completions on 216 attempts (67 percent completion percentage) for 1,566 yards, 13 touchdowns, six interceptions, nine sacks, and a 95.88 passer rating.

Those quarterbacks in order: Aaron Rodgers (2008), Drew Brees (2003), and Tom Brady (2002).

My point: I’m hearing a lot of this “game manager” talk and a few people thinking Garoppolo is a bit off this season or whatever head-scratching rhetoric someone wants to use. It’s not a common narrative, but it is noticeable. Look at those above numbers, in their first, second, third season playing the position, those are the best of the best today turning similar or worse numbers than Garoppolo in some categories (except Brady, who I never realized threw that much in 2002). Garoppolo is in good company given his position as a quarterback and where he is in the offense. He can only get better. I’m sure many of us see the ceiling, but you don’t become a banshee at the position overnight, or in two, even three seasons.

Right now, 2019 is the best thing in the world for Garoppolo. He’s still going to make boneheaded throws and we are still going to groan on some decisions, but when you compare where he is to other quarterbacks in his position, there’s not much of a difference and look what those three developed into with time.

Next up is Washington. Let ‘er rip.