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Punterville State of the Punter: Week 7

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Chaos in the streets.

Mayor of Punterville here:

Punterville has gone through some trying times. For one thing, there was no State of the Punter last week because Pat was busy nothing happened. At least, nothing punter worrying.

But this week, there has been more trying times. Our hero, Mitch Wishnowsky has gone from a god among men to...well...a man. See, there was the San Francisco 49ers’ epic dominance of the Los Angeles Rams, but as far as our punter, there isn’t near as epicness to be seen.

Mitch Wishnowsky had four punts against the Rams. The final average? 39.75 yards.

Four punts and an average of 40 yards? That’s second-worst behind his game against the Cincinnati Bengals where he had two punts and averaged 37.5 yards.

But we all were prepared for this, dear punting faithful. Even when Wishnowsky nearly got some punts blocked. Not every day can be a joy in Punterville. Stand your ground in Punterville.

Ok, but there is some good. First, while we may say some questionable punting has gone on around these parts, don’t say that to Wishnowsky’s face. Check out this tackle:

Not just that, but we have a city update. While this city of Punterville has been born out of honor of Wishnowsky, we also have a city animal. The mighty orca whale, that has done its own version of punting out in the sea:

Citizens, please tell me what you think of the state of Punterville.


State of Punterville?

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