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Nick Bosa is the Runaway Defensive Rookie of the Year

What a player.

Nick Bosa has been an absolute force in the first five games of his career. This week’s breakdown focuses on Bosa’s three main pass rush moves, based around his main move, the “side scissors.”

When researching through, I found that Bosa has 30 pressures in 119 pass rush attempts (or 25%). For context, in 2019, JJ Watt leads the NFL in pressures with 39 but has needed 245 pass rush attempts to do so (16%). When looking back through the last two decades, Bosa’s 25% pressure rate is the highest out of ANY player. In Aaron Donald’s last two years, when he won Defensive Player of the Year, he recorded 19% marks both times. When it comes to pressures on the quarterback, Bosa is the leagues’ most efficient pass rusher by far.

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