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Sunday Night Football finishes the day with Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

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One more game to go.

Well, it was a day of football, that’s for sure. We all have our feelings on how the San Francisco 49ers did, and we may as well keep that conversation going into tonight’s Sunday Night Football thread.

It’s a divisional matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams are sitting at .500 going into this and the winner will take a grip of first place. It’s been a bit weird on both ends.

For the Eagles, coach Doug Pederson has all but guaranteed a win and linebacker Zach Brown has been released. That’s just the start of things.

On the Cowboys, talk of will he or won’t he on Jerry Jones firing head coach Jason Garrett has made the rounds. There isn’t much to really point to either end besides the fact they haven’t renewed Garrett’s deal which expires at the end of this season.

Given that both teams’ backs are against the wall, this should make for an entertaining game, especially if the offenses can get going.