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49ers-Washington final score: Despite elements, 49ers get a win thanks to now-unreliable leg of Robbie Gould

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6-0 baby, that’s all that matters after that slop.

What an ugly ugly game. The offense was ugly, the field was ugly, Washington was ugly. Everything was ugly, but the 49ers managed to get out of FedEx Field with a win, 9-0. Kyle Shanahan did not get a chance to run up the score, partly because the offense didn’t play well and mostly because the weather was neither the 49ers’ or Washington’s friend. THere were no touchdowns, just three field goals and an ugly, ugly game, but the 49ers have a win. In a game that miserable, you can’t hold the entire thing over the 49ers, but the offense did not have its greatest day.

It’s hard to gauge just what the 49ers are in this because the conditions on the field were wet. The first half was boring and miserable with no scores (thanks to the lights out defense, once again). There were sacks, but no scores.The 49ers defense once again clamped down as time went on, not allowing a single score and bailing the offense out of trouble. There was also a a nice turnover thanks to Julian Taylor that took the final bit of air out of Washington’s momentum.

Robbie Gould continues to have issues. He had an attempt for a field goal in the first half but missed it wide left. We may be hailing the return of long snapper Kyle Nelson, but the snap wasn’t the problem from what I saw later it was either the wind—or Gould. He was able to make a shorter, 28-yard field goal as well as the game-winner but this is concerning, weather or not. He also made his second field goal which was crucial. After that second kick, to put them up by six, it was pretty much all over, despite the wealth of time on the clock. The 49ers defense was once again able to force Washington off and then Kyle Shanahan dialed up some “kill clock” to get everyone out of there along with getting another 3 points.

The defense did pitch a shutout which is very impressive despite the weather. It was going to be a defensive game going in, but there were some nice sacks, especially the final one by Nick Bosa that sealed the deal for the 49ers (check out the celebration after where they slide across the field).

Jimmy Garoppolo started the second half with a 4th down pick (which could be considered a crummy punt return) and the defense forced a three and out on the next series. From there, the offense (slowly) started to get efficient with Garoppolo nailing Kendrick Bourne on a clutch catch to get the 49ers inside of the 10-yard line. Garoppolo finished 12/21 with 151 yards and a 59.8 passer rating. Again, some of it is on Garoppolo, but the weather was not kind. You could tell he had a hard time holding onto the ball to get control of his passes and the playbook had to be cut in half due to this.

The second field goal from Robbie Gould would be the one the put this game...uh...out of reach. The 49ers would manage a third field goal in their final series which killed more clock than did anything else, but it was the second field goal that said things were a done deal.

The 49ers have a lot to work on despite me giving an excuse of the weather, but hopefully they don’t play in a game like this again for a long time.

Injury report

Marquise Goodwin left with what was a head injury and returned to the game. In the second half Matt Breida was slow to get up and left the field of his own power. They said it was for a head injury/concussion, but later after being cleared they kept him on the sidelines since he was poked in the eye on the same play. Whatever

Up next: vs. Carolina Panthers

The 49ers will be back at home to welcome a Panthers team returning from bye. Cam Newton is also active. We’ll see how good this run defense is against Christian McCaffrey who, as anybody who drafted him in fantasy knows, is the entire Panthers offense.