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Marquise Goodwin being evaluated for a head injury

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Enter: Jordan Matthews

Update: Goodwin is back on the field

It is nasty, miserable, slippery, and wet out at FedEx field as the San Francisco 49ers take on Washington. Marquise Goodwin got tangled up in the 49ers’ first offensive drive and is now being evaluated for a head injury.

Two things to note: he got up of his own power and this is a head injury nothing saying “concussion” yet. Keep that in mind.

The 49ers are taking the field right now and Jordan Matthews looks like he’s joining hte huddle for the first time. We’ll update when more information comes available and if this is a concussion, a head injury, or just some sort of stinger.

This game looks absolutely miserable and points will be a premium today. The 49ers need all the help they can get.