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Matt Breida being evaluated for a head injury

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UPDATE: Ric Flair might be the defensive coordinator

The 49ers have a valuable field goal in the 3-0 lead against Washington, but things are going to get tougher. Running back Matt Breida went down the wrong way and is now being evaluated for a head injury. He left the field of his own power, but the trainers were surrounding him instantly.

I again want to stress this isn’t a concussion yet or the “C” word probably would have been thrown around. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a concussion, but just saying.

Marquise Goodwin was taken off the field for a head injury as well, but returned for the second half. Right now it’s Tevin Coleman and Jeff Wilson Jr. to man the ship. The 49ers need a touchdown. If they can get to 10, this could get really hard given the weather.

We’ll update when we know more.