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49ers turned FedEx Field into a Crocodile Mile

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It’s a slippery field. A slippery one.

The biggest story in the San Francisco 49ers’ win over Washington was the obvious field conditions. The FedEx Field was a swamp, and I doubt that was an overstatement. There were plays where the running backs stomp through large puddles erupting around their cleats as they churned across the field. Wide receivers and defenders would dive for catches and tackles and then slide halfway the width of the field.

The 49ers had buisness to take care of so there wasn’t much intentional. Well, until after Nick Bosa sacked Case Keenum. Then we got to watch them turn the field into a Crocodile Mile:

They call it a slip-n-slide. I call it a Crocodile Mile (that’s what I had as a kid) we call it an awesome way to celebrate a win.

The 49ers will head back to Santa Clara for some film review and to gameplan for the Carolina Panthers. This was an ugly win, but still hard fought.

This team.