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49ers lead in the NFC West grows

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And the division itself is a warzone. Everyone is at .500

The San Francisco 49ers have won again and go to 6-0. This win now puts them two games ahead of the Seattle Seahawks and three games ahead of the Los Angeles Rams. It’s the 49ers’ division to lose at this point, but there is a lot of football left to be played.

The big news of the division is the records. All teams are sitting at .500 right now. That should tell you how tough this division is in 2019.

With that, let’s check out the division:

Seattle Seahawks(5-2)

This is the big one. Seattle lost a fun game to the Baltimore Ravens. A game where Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was out-Russell Wilsoning the Seahawks with some incredible scrambles. The game was tied for most of the contest, but a great drive from Lamar Jackson late put a stop to things. This was despite several key drops from tight end Mark Andrews.

Seattle was unable to get any of that Seattle magic, and a D.K. Metcalf fumble sealed the game for the Ravens. This was Seattle’s second loss at home, and while there was some visible frustration from Baltimore’s offense at the sound, it’s definitely a different place to play than a few years back.

The Seahawks fall to 5-2 and two games back of the 49ers. While the 49ers are in no way victors with ten games left, they do have some cushioning for the rough stretch of schedule.

Los Angeles Rams (4-3)

The Rams had a return to form Sunday heading into Atlanta and beating the Atlanta Falcons hard. All 49ers fans can get happy about knows that the Falcons were losing 27-3 by the time the 4th quarter started, and it only got worse. Oh, and it was because the Rams defense feasted. Now, if the Rams defense is feasting on the Falcons, just think of what the 49ers defense can do.

The win puts the Rams at 4-3 and three games behind the 49ers. They are very much in the thick of the NFC West battle.

Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1)

What the hell? Every team in the NFC West has hit .500? Why yes, yes, we have. The Cardinals played the Giants in what can best be described as general manager Dave Gettleman’s exposure game. The Cardinals won 27-21 and certainly tried to let the Giants back in once quarterback Kyler Murray took an ill-advised trip out of bounds at the wrong time. The Giants decided to make a game of this after going up 14-0, but they couldn’t secure a lead.

Murray had the worst game of his career with a cool 104 passing yards and 28 rushing yards. The game was more for running back Chase Edmonds, who had 27 carries for 126 yards and three touchdowns. Take him out, and I don’t know how this game ends.

Meanwhile, the Giants totaled two fumbles and one interception from quarterback Daniel Jones—you aren’t going to win football games like that. Well, unless you’re these guys.

The win has the Cardinals on a three-game winning streak and en route to a Thursday Night Football contest against the 49ers in two weeks.

Into Week 8

The 49ers return home to take on the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are 4-2 and coming off a bye. Even though the game is in Santa Clara, it is no gimmie. Cam Newton may be returning for that game, and he’s difficult to take down. It will be a good test for the 49ers’ defensive line.

The Seahawks head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons. The same Falcons that lost via a missed last-second extra point. Those same Falcons may not have Matt Ryan for this game. The Falcons that let the Rams go ape [site-decorum] on them. The Seahawks have had trouble with lesser opponents (READ: Cleveland), and the fact they are out of Seattle means this could be a hopeful loss. Given that the Ravens just beat Seattle in Seattle, I’d have to think the Falcons are going to be unfortunate recipients of the Seahawks rage.

The Rams will welcome the Cincinnati Bengals. Say what you want about this current Rams squad, the Bengals stink. Considering that the Rams will now have Jalen Ramsey for two weeks also says that the defense will shut down what little offense the Bengals can throw at them. Also, Cincinnati runs much of the same scheme, which means the Rams are waiting for it.

And the Cardinals head to New Orleans to face the Saints. The Saints are very difficult in Louisiana though the Cardinals are on a three-game winning streak. This could be interesting. We’ll see what Arizona has in this game.

1st: San Francisco 49ers; Next: vs. Carolina Panthers

2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: at Atlanta Falcons

3rd: Los Angeles Rams; Next: vs. Cincinnati Bengals

4th: Arizona Cardinals; Next: at New Orleans Saints