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Report: Broncos expect to trade Emmanuel Sanders

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There have been some indicators of interest from the San Francisco 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers inquired about Emmanuel Sanders, and now the Denver Broncos are expecting him to be traded. 9News Broncos beat writer Mike Klis reports that the Broncos expect to trade Sanders before the deadline next Tuesday.

It’s important to note that while the Broncos expect to trade Sanders, there are no suitors named, much less anything having to do with the 49ers. Reports have come out that the 49ers are interested, but the Broncos told them that he was not available. Either the Broncos have another team in mind they are working on a deal with, the initial report was inaccurate, or they had a change of heart over the weekend.

From a relationship point of view, a deal with the 49ers makes sense. The Broncos allowed Adam Peters to come to the 49ers when John Lynch was hired as a general manager. Many have thought it was a favor from John Elway to John Lynch to give him [Lynch] a dependable and experienced exec to learn from. The 49ers then allowed quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello to join Vic Fangio’s coaching staff when the latter was hired as an offensive coordinator, though he was originally blocked.

From a system standpoint, that’s why this deal makes more sense. Sanders already has an idea of the system having worked with Scangarello. Given Denver’s offensive performance as of late, it’s obvious Scangarello can’t run it the way Kyle Shanahan can (at least with the roster he currently has), but it may give Sanders a leg-up in learning that dense playbook if the 49ers went in that direction.

Sanders is a free agent after this season and is 32 years old. While he’s productive, age and free agent status will make it that he won’t fetch a high draft pick — or at least shouldn’t. It’s important to stress again that the Broncos expect to trade Sanders and the 49ers inquired about him; two different reports with nothing linking the two together, at least as of this writing.

If there was a wide receiver for the 49ers to go after, Sanders could be the guy, if it’s the right price. The current odds list the 49ers as the second favorite to land Sanders.