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There’s only one “Master vs. Pupil” game and Patriots-Jets wasn’t it

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It’s time to not ignore that elephant in the room.

If you managed to stick around the Monday Night Football disaster the entire game, you might have lost count of Sam Darnold’s interceptions. It’s ok. I’m sure you aren’t alone. You also may have heard the commentating crew put together another gem of a night with Booger McFarland calling Patriots-Jets, or Tom Brady vs. Sam Darnold, “the master vs. the pupil.”

Um. No.

Look, McFarland has said some questionable things on color, we can all agree to that. I think we can all agree that there’s only one master vs. pupil game, and buddy, that slop fest on Monday, wasn’t it.

Let’s stop ignoring it: the master vs. pupil game is New England Patriots vs. San Francisco 49ers. And the only way that’s happening is in February at the Super Bowl. And you KNOW that would be amazing over hype alone. And I’d sure like talking about that for two weeks. And it’s not just because they’d pay me to. And...and...

And we have a lot of football left to play. We also got the postseason when/if the 49ers make it that far. Remember, this is a young team playing out of their minds. The postseason is a much different beast than the 16-game regular season. There’s also that elite quarterback thing—which is a fair argument.

Along with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, the 49ers still have yet to face the Packers and the Saints. All three have quarterbacks that are or have played out of their minds, and that’s the last piece of the defensive puzzle. If the 49ers can beat up an elite quarterback with that defense, I don’t know who can beat them—New England included.

But stop by calling Jets-Patriots “master vs. pupil.” Sam Darnold is not a pupil of Tom Brady, he never was his backup, and he never was locked out of TB12 to get his shoulder fixed.

I’d love that game. Let’s see what happens in February.