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TRADE! Emmanuel Sanders is a 49er

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This is fun.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

According to Adam Schefter, Denver is dealing WR Emmanuel Sanders and a 2020 5th-round pick to San Francisco in exchange for 2020 3rd- and 4th-round picks, per league sources. Schefter said that Denver wanted to hold on to Sanders for another week and have him play against the Colts, but the 49ers wanted him to play against the Panthers, and Sanders will do just that.

The 49ers receiving corp gets a big boost after inconsistencies over the first month and half of the season. Sanders gives the team a reliable threat that has proven to win inside and out. Sanders has been consistent throughout his career. The trade value is an important discussion. Saying the 49ers need to re-sign Sanders to get the full value of the trade is a fair point. That fifth will be close to the Niners fourth. Realistically, they traded their third and moved back 10ish spots into the fifth.

Something to keep an eye on is if a deal gets done before the offseason. I dropped this in another article, but this is Shanahan’s quote on Sanders:

You have to think they want to keep him around. At 32-years old, Sanders is still plenty speedy and can get open.

So the 49ers receiving room gets a boost right away, and they still have a chance to get Jalen Hurd and Trent Taylor back. That’s scary, and gives the offense a lot of potential.