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Jimmy Garoppolo’s slides were refreshing and scary.

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With that knee of his, I was holding my breath.

The big star of the San Francisco 49ers game against Washington Monday was FedEx Field. The elements were a huge factor in the messiness of the game, and both quarterbacks couldn’t get a proper footing, much less a decent grip on the ball to throw with some control.

So there were times to run, and Jimmy Garoppolo scrambled:

And this:

So two things I saw that are comforting: the first, and most obvious, that knee seems not to be an issue at all. Garoppolo is escaping pressure, taking off, and looking good doing it. I lost count of how many sacks he evaded today (and he took his fair share as well). I do think we can file that knee issue away.

But the second, and maybe more important, is that knee. I don’t know about you guys, but I sure as hell was holding my breath. This is a guy who A: likes to get hit and B: hasn’t made the wisest decisions in the past on when to go out of bounds or slide.

Let’s not forget how slippery it was at FedEx Field. One wrong move there and your knee could turn the wrong way. Even when it’s not wet, it’s not the greatest field to play on.

So, was it cool to see him evading pressure, running through the middle of the field, and not worrying about that knee? Definitely. Did it concern because I don’t want to go back to 2018? Absolutely.

It was good for him, but I don’t think I’ll ever feel right when I see him run this season. I’m just afraid he’ll do it again. Where do you stand on this? Were you fine with him skating around, or was that pretty scary to see the 49ers’ quarterback slip-sliding around in iffy conditions?