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Report: Teams have inquired about Nick Mullens

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They needs all the quarterbacks

The San Francisco 49ers are done trading for players, but they might have a chance to trade some—or at least one—of their own. Our old friend James Brady has heard that some teams have made phone calls to the 49ers on Nick Mullens.

James points out that the 49ers aren’t exactly shopping Mullens around, but nothing is stopping them from picking up the phone and listening to offers. It sounds like just that: teams are coming to John Lynch and co. not the other way around.

Mullens is a great backup, but I’m sure a team may have floated the idea of giving him the keys to see what he can do a la Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers in 2017. I doubt any team actually does that (or makes an offer to the 49ers that would be worth it for that), but it’s something to consider. The thing about Mullens that makes him also interesting is he has a decent contract against a salary cap, something that makes his trade value go up. An inquiring team could give a pickup and then have a player that to plug for cheap or let go with little dead money. Contracts like that have to part of the consideration.

The 49ers may have Jimmy Garoppolo healthy, but I think it’s going to take a lot to get Mullens out of there. They’ve already said offers for the quarterback were not what they wanted when they cut down on the 53-man roster, and I doubt midseason those offers get any better. Plus, with what the team has, they may want to hold onto Mullens in case of disaster. Do you want to be saddled with C.J. Beathard if something happens again?

But still, someone could get desperate and need a backup, or see Nick Mullens as a potential QBOF. I don’t see it, but it looks like they are trying to see if the 49ers are interested. Right now, it sounds like it’s a one-way deal.