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49ers injury updates: Shanahan not as hopeful for Taylor and Hurd to return

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Staley has a chance to play Sunday

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan met with the media Wednesday afternoon before practice to provide a couple of injury updates for the 49ers. Shanahan said that OT Joe Staley would attempt to do some individual drills this afternoon. With a short turnaround, I’d play it safe if I’m the Niners. Bring Staley back next Thursday if there’s any indication that he’s not 110% healthy. Shanahan said that there’s still an “outside chance” Staley plays on Sunday.

Shanahan said that Trent Taylor, who suffered a broken foot, and Jalen Hurd, who has been dealing with a back injury, both suffered setbacks, and the team isn’t as optimistic as they once were about them coming off injured reserve in a month. Perhaps trading for Emmanuel Sanders could have clued us in on that. The sense of urgency knowing you weren’t getting help, especially in the slot, likely led the 49ers to make a move at the trade deadline.

Here is the practice plan for Wednesday:


Staley (individual)

Dee Ford

DJ Jones

George Kittle

Deebo Samuel

Raheem Mostert

Did not participate

Ahkello Witherspoon

Mike McGlinchey

Kyle Juszczyk

Shanahan gushed about Sanders. Shanahan wouldn’t commit to how much or where he’d play, but the Niners head coach expects Sanders to be on the field Sunday. Shanahan acknowledged that Sanders could play all three positions. It sounded like Sanders will spend much of his time in the slot.

Shanahan mentioned how he wanted to see how much better they could make this team, and he felt like they did without taking a risk on the 49ers’ future. We touched on Sander’s injury history Wednesday morning. Shanahan said that Sanders looked more healthy on tape this year than he did before his Achilles tear in 2018. That was an interesting tidbit.

More on Sanders from Kyle:

I was a huge fan of him coming out of the draft, and I have been ever since. Pumped, he’s here. Emmanuel is a person I’ve wanted the last eight years.