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Who do you cut to make room for the roster changes?

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Jordan Matthews may be on the way out is my guess

The San Francisco 49ers have made some adjustments to their roster. They have released long snapper Garrison Sanborn in favor of Kyle Nelson, who is returning from suspension, and they also have traded for Emmanuel Sanders.

With all those moves, they will need to be releasing some players, and they have one more decision to make. One more roster decision will need to be made before Saturday, so whom will it be?

If I’m guessing it’s Jordan Matthews. I actually forgot he was on the team over the week when I posted a poll on which wide receiver would get the ax after Sanders was acquired. With Sanders, there is little to no need for Matthews, who dressed on Sunday simply because Deebo Samuel was nursing a groin injury. If this turns into anything serious, Matthews may be kept around, but Samuel has been showing up on the practice report as a limited participant. Take from that what you will.

Or the 49ers could decide to hold onto Matthews and release someone else. If not Matthews, I’d still think it’s a wide receiver, but after Matthews, I don’t know whom I’d let go of. I know some believe Kendrick Bourne has run his course, but he’s showed up for a few plays when necessary and knows Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

Or maybe the 49ers release Jeff Wilson Jr. and try to chance to get him on the practice squad. With all the running back injuries and some running backs being inefficient for 2019, I doubt he makes it that far. A team like the Miami Dolphins may just pick him up to stash him on the main roster as a developmental piece for 2020.

Who do you think the 49ers release?