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Golden Nuggets: Eric Reid returns

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San Francisco 49ers links for Friday November 25, 2019

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

I am glad to see Eric Reid back playing in the Bay Area this Sunday. I liked us selecting him in the draft and thought he did a pretty good job his first couple of seasons. I think he may have even made the pro bowl as an alternate one of those years. Of course that was back when we had a real defense for him to play with.

Then the bad years dropped upon us like a dark plague. Our team was decimated and we brought in a new coaching staff three years in a row. Reid’s play took a dip along with the quality of play of the players that surrounded him. Imagine that! Reid also began taking a knee with Mr Kapernick. The audacity!

Then along came the Shanahan and Lynch show. “Why don’t we trade a disgruntled Bowman and replace him with Reid?” As you can read in the link below, Reid was not exactly happy about that move and still isn’t. I personally thought the way Shanahan and Lynch handled Bowman and Reid was arrogant and unprofessional but I also know I am a minority in my way of thinking.

I also personally thought it took way too long for a team to finally sign Reid. Whether it was a result of him kneeling for the National Anthem is debatable. I personally think it was but it can be debated either way. Anyway, as a fan of NFL football, I am glad to see him land with a team that appreciates him and am looking forward to seeing him play on Sunday. Heck, I may even kneel during the National Anthem. Then again, maybe not.

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