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Should the 49ers look into Josh Gordon if he becomes available?

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They got one wide receiver, should they get the other big name?

The New England Patriots placed wide receiver Josh Gordon on injured reserve due to a knee injury. The IR designation isn’t the whole story as there are reports that he’s on his way out of New England and could be a free agent.

Here we go. The 49ers just acquired Emmanuel Sanders for a third and fourth-round pick from the Denver Broncos and still need to make some roster adjustments for the trade. Would Gordon be a worthwhile investment too?

Gordon says he’s ready to play, but if he’s on IR, he’s on IR. This is all depending on the Patriots releasing him. Right now, he’s still a Patriot. But if the above reports are true, that might not be the case in a matter of days.

I bring up Gordon in particular because the 49ers were looking into trading for him when the Cleveland Browns put him up for sale in 2018. That was when the New England Patriots sent a fifth-round pick to Cleveland in exchange for Gordon. Rewind to 2014, when Shanahan coached Gordon. He spoke highly of Gordon at the time.

In 2019, Gordon has yet to crack 100 yards for a game. The closest he got was in Week 3 against the New York Jets with 83 yards. Gordon also has only one touchdown for the season. While those aren’t stellar, when you think of the team he plays for, it makes a bit more sense.

The 49ers, on the other hand, just got done getting Sanders. Do they bump another wide receiver? They already are having skepticism with Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd, but Gordon is starting from scratch. If he comes in midseason, he’ll have one of the densest playbooks in the league to learn in the middle of the season. Unlike Sanders, this wouldn’t’ be going from one similar system to the other either. So the 49ers could potentially release someone whom they have invested time and money in to get Gordon on the roster and then hope he grasps the offense in enough time to contribute.

If it were to work out, that would be something. Despite not cracking 100 yards, Gordon manages to hover around the 70-ish range in yardage, so it’s not like he’s ignored on the field, but it’s hard to see where he’d be able to contribute until at least the postseason. Maybe that’s worth it then?

Do you think the 49ers should look into Josh Gordon?

Kyles note: If New England releases Gordon after the trade deadline, he’s subject to waivers. The waiver wire has reset, and with the 49ers record, they’ll be one of the last teams that will be able to claim Gordon.