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Golden Nuggets: Might need a bit more out of Jimmy G today

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, October 27, 2019

It’s gameday! The San Francisco 49ers will be taking on the Carolina Panthers in an afternoon game which might be their toughest yet.

They might need a bit more out of Jimmy Garoppolo. I know we’ve seen some strange plays from him, but the funny thing is, he’s turning in similar stats to his 2017 run where the 49ers won five straight. I’m sure we’d like a bit of improvement on the turnovers, but it’s not like he’s been worse.

I bring this up because beyond that, we haven’t seen Jimmy G go nuts on the field because he hasn’t had to. The 49ers have a lights-out defense right now and an incredible run game. The 49ers have been fine gashing teams on the ground and then letting the defense finish the rest off. When they did need Garoppolo, like Pittsburgh, he delivered a drive to win the game.

Well, we might need more of that. The Panthers are no joke and might be the toughest game the 49ers face. I do think the 49ers can win this one, but they won’t win it unless Jimmy Garoppolo can take advantage of his new friend, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders to cut through some of these theatrics.

I’m thinking we’ll see a lot more of Jimmy G today than we have in the past. It’s important to note that there’s more to quarterbacking than just throwing the ball. Garoppolo has shown he can lead that locker room and has a good grasp of one of the most difficult offenses in the league. Today he might have to let things rip through the air to have a chance. Go Niners!

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