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Nick Bosa has an interception to go with his sacks

Just another day at the office

This game WAS supposed to be competitive. The fourth quarter is just getting going in the San Francisco 49ers drubbing of the Carolina Panthers, but you’d think it was over with the 44-13 score right now.

Well, the 49ers aren’t through. Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen hasn’t thrown a pick leading into this game and now he’s had three. One of them plucked out of the air by Nick Bosa.

Yes, you read that right, 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa. This wasn’t some circus deflection either, Bosa just jumped and took it out of the sky. The silly Panthers kept Bosa from getting a touchdown on it which was disappointing. If Bosa managed a pick-six with this it would be something for the ages. As it is, it’s going to be on highlight reels.

Bosa right now is having a season against the Panthers. He has three sacks to go along with his pick and there’s still a full quarter left to play. At this point the 49ers need to be careful with injuries and start getting ready for the Arizona Cardinals. They are about to be 7-0 and once again get the “who have they beat?” narrative with the way this is going.

Just remember, a lot of people had the Panthers winning this. I had the 49ers winning this, but not by near enough.