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Jeff Wilson being evaluated for a head injury

That did not look at all good

The San Francisco 49ers are laying a 40-burger on the best defense they’ve faced thus far in 2019 but now the injuries are coming. Jeff Wilson took a bad angle on a kickoff return and was on the ground not getting up. He managed to get helped off after some time, but it was quite the scare to start.

He’s currently in the medical tent for a head injury and being evaluated for a concussion. It goes to show the 49ers need to get out of here with as little injuries as possible. They already are doing this damage without several key pieces, which should have everyone giddy with excitement over the possibilities once they get everyone back.

Hopefully Wilson is good. while he’s not Matt Breida or Tevin Coleman, his usage on the goal line can’t be overstated. Dude is just a bowling ball on those carries.

We’ll update when we know what happened with his injury.