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Shanahan: Breida left with an ankle injury, Wilson has a stinger

Hopefully this isn’t serious.

The San Francisco 49ers played some of the most complete football yet for the season, but it’s not without some bruises. Two running backs were pulled from the game. First was Jeff Wilson Jr., who took a nasty shot on a kickoff. Wilson was first evaluated for a head injury, but then Kyle Shanahan said in his press conference it was a stinger that kept him from going back in..

Then there’s Matt Breida. Shanahan said Breida left due to an ankle injury and did not return to the game. Shanahan said Breida was trying to get back into the game, but figured it was better to keep him out given how the game was going.

The big question: Will be be available for Arizona? Shanahan isn’t sure. The 49ers have a short week before they face the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. Tevin Coleman had himself a day going Al Bundy and scoring four touchdowns in a single game. Breida has shared the show with Coleman and if he’s not ready to go, that’s a huge blow to the run game.

Hopefully this is just some soreness and nothing huge. Breida’s ability is invaluable, even if Coleman is getting a few more carries.