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49ers are 7-0, today was a good day

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This is not only the best start, but now the best finish of the Kyle Shanahan era.

If you were not a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, you probably did not like that game they played. But I’m a fan of the 49ers, and I absolutely loved that. For starters, they now have the best start—and no matter what, best finish—to Kyle Shanahan’s coaching tenure. It took two seasons of misery, but the 49ers are now a power. They are a team to fear for anyone in the NFC.

I’ve been saying I want an elite quarterback to face them. Honestly, I don’t think that’s going to help. The 49ers offense is thumping defenses and they are doing it with backups. Fully healthy, I don’t know who can beat the 49ers.

Things only get worse. Joe Staley is back soon and then everyone else will be following. I wonder just how bad some of these games would be with McGlinchey and Staley in the thick of things. I doubt Jimmy Garoppolo takes a sack for a safety today...well I think. That was a bit of a strange playcall (him dropping back at that distance) but the 49ers won.

The other thing to note is the 49ers aren’t just winning, they aren’t letting outside forces (the officials) bully them. How many of you liked that touchdown pass to George Kittle get blown dead, only for the 49ers to turn around and hit someone the very next play?

And look at the league. The New England Patriots beat the Cleveland Browns. My response: Not like the 49ers did. The Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals; not like the 49ers did.

The 49ers have a short week and take on the Arizona Cardinals. That game is no gimmie. The 49ers go to Arizona for it, and the Cardinals have their issues, but given their track record of beating the 49ers, I don’t want to say this is already decided.

Until Thursday, we’ll see you all later.

Stay faithful, my friends.