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We have “The People’s Tight End” shirts and hoodies available for purchase

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Celebrating National Tight End day

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Sunday was “National Tight End day,” and San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle did not disappoint. For the month of October, we’ve been working with BreakT to get a licensing agreement with George Kittle. It took a few weeks, but over the weekend, we were able to lock down a few designs that are now live in our Niners Nation store and available for purchase. There should be shirts and hoodies for everyone. If your child is a fan of “The People’s Tight end,” or your wife is a big wrestling fan like Kittle, there’s something for everyone.

I like the hoody. If I’m making a purchase, I’m going that direction. Especially this time of year, that would be perfect for the fall. Scroll through, let us know what you like, and buy something to support the best tight end in the league!

The People’s Tight End Collection

National Tight End Day Collection