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Bruce Irvin on the 49ers: “They’re OK. They’re not world-beaters.”

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You’re entitled to your own opinion, but if it’s not mine, it’s wrong.

The narrative of “who have the 49ers beaten?” continues. This time, it’s not by an analyst, but a current NFL Player. One who was on the wrong side of Sunday’s beatdown.

“They’re OK,” Panthers linebacker Bruce Irvin said via Jim Trotter. “ They’re OK. They’re not world-beaters.”

The Panthers were on a four-game winning streak and sitting at 4-2 going into Sunday. The 49ers beat them, 51-13. Quarterback Kyle Allen, who had not yet thrown an interception, had three against the 49ers.

Going into the Panthers game, the big story was whom the San Francisco 49ers have played, beaten, and if they really are legit. First, the Cleveland Browns were the team to make them come back to earth. When that didn’t work, the Los Angeles Rams were supposed to show us what we have with the 2019 49ers. When the 49ers shut the Rams offense down, it turned to the next team and the next team.

Well, the Carolina Panthers were that next team, and we all saw how that ended. Reminds you of that Jalen Ramsey spat in 2018.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you think the 49ers aren’t world beaters, there’s nothing saying you can’t say that. The fact it’s coming from the team that lost, after getting 51 hung on them no less is where you raise an eyebrow. If a Panthers defensive player is saying, the 49ers are just “OK” that’s fine. The next question though, is if the 49ers hung 51 and are just “OK,” what’s that say about the Panthers?