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Scarlet Jimmies Ep. 7-0: Will any game be close?

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Joined by Billy Marshall of Cat Scratch Reader to recap the 49ers/Panthers game

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers did what they’ve done all season against the Carolina Panthers. Humiliate and wear out their opponent. These games aren’t even close. Washington was 9-0, but it felt like a three-possession game. It seems like each game San Francisco has the game wrapped up by halftime. Week 8’s game against the Panthers was another example. This podcast was recorded on Sunday after the game, where Kyle and Billy go in-depth about everything that happened:

  • 49ers fast start
  • Interceptions by both quarterbacks
  • Shanahan’s genius
  • The Panthers being over-aggressive on defense
  • Nick Bosa defensive player of the year?
  • How to use Tevin Coleman 101
  • The difference in how each team handled adversity
  • Four stats
  • Player of the game

Did you know that the Panthers didn’t run one play in the red zone? That’s mind-boggling for an NFL game. There is plenty of discussion about the big plays the 49ers had on offense and the 49ers defense taking it to Carolina’s offense.