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Monday Night Football thread: Steelers vs. Dolphins closes out Week 8

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Have fun everyone

So the first question is why we’re stuck with the Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers and I’d like to remind you, you can’t flex OUT of Monday Nights. When the NFL schedules it, you’re locked in. It’s why the San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants game was aired in 2018 even though both were far from competitive and it’s why we are probably going to watch a now Kenyan Drake-less Miami team.

In case you didn’t hear, Drake has been traded to the Arizona Cardinals. The same Cardinals who have David Johnson. Drake and Johnson seem like a pretty nice combo of running backs, if not for the fact Johnson is hurt. Chase Edmonds can help with this issue, but he’s banged up too—hence the trade for Drake. So, with that we can watch the Steelers and Dolphins stomp each other. One is without their star quarterback. The other has no quarterback or running back.

Just remember (and keep telling yourself) this football is better than no football.

The 49ers will be next on primetime as they get ready to head and take on those same Arizona Cardinals Thursday.