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Breaking down the two most impressive plays from the 49ers win over the Panthers

Deebo’s touchdown and Moseley’s interception

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

As soon as Deebo Samuel scored on a 20-yard run against the Carolina Panthers, I knew I was going to write about that play. Every week there is a play that Kyle Shanahan calls that will drop your jaw. Mostly, it’s plural. Shanahan has plays where he uses the weakness of the defense against them. I’ve meant to write a “one play I really like” from the game, and Samuel’s play made the decision easy.

This week, the shovel pass to Matt Breida early in the game stood out. I’ve never seen a shovel pass drawn up like that. I’ve also never seen a trap play like this. There are so many moving parts, a lot of window dressing, and it leads to chaos for the defense. When you confuse, you usually end up with big plays. That’s what the San Francisco 49ers are doing this season.

Before you watch the play, Daniel Brunskill deserves a lot of credit for this play. He takes out two guys. Brunskill deserves credit for his performance all game. The coaching staff has done a phenomenal job getting players ready on both sides of the ball.

Emmanuel Moseley is another player that looks like he’ll be playing in this league for a long time. He’s one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL from a success rate standpoint. Moseley has been playing at a high level, but it’s not from his athletic skills, but his technique.

Check this play out below. The route recognition from Moseley on this play and the ability to process what was happening and run route for the receiver is a play most ten-year veterans don’t make.

Fred Warner getting that much width and into the throwing, lane tells you all you need to know about his coverage skills this season. But it’s Moseley that steals the show.

Moseley shouldn’t take Ahkello Witherspoon’s spot, but it’s evident that Moseley is one of the better coverage players on the roster. For a team like Arizona that uses a lot of “10 personnel,” which has four wide receivers on the field, Moseley can play then. Or, you could have him on the field over K’Waun Williams. These are all internal discussions the 49ers will have. Moseley will have an impact on the Niners roster, and that may not be until next year. One thing we do know is Moseley can play, and San Francisco found themselves a gem.