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Three 49ers make Pro Football Focus’ Team of the Week

Feels like a few more should make it.

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There has been a lot of talks to start things this week on the San Francisco 49ers dominant win over the Carolina Panthers. The narrative of “who have they beaten” seems to be evaporating as there is growing acceptance that the 49ers are for real. One such place to be checking after these victories is Pro Football Focus and their team of the week. For Week 8, three 49ers made the team.

On offense, George Kittle was slotted in at the tight end. The people’s tight end has not amassed the reception numbers he had in 2018, but he doesn’t need those to be one of the best tight ends in football, just look at the dude’s run blocking. As my friend whom I watched the game with yesterday said: “The 49ers lose Kittle, they are [site-decorum]”

Kittle finished Week 8, leading all at his position in overall grade (94.2), receiving grade (93.0), and run-blocking grade (78.3). He really could do no wrong the 49ers’ blowout win over Carolina on Sunday.”

Kittle isn’t the only offensive player to make the team, right tackle Daniel Brunskill, who has been filling in for Mike McGlinchey also slotted in for the position with the PFF team:

Originally signed by Atlanta as an undrafted free agent out of San Diego State in 2017, Brunskill turned in the best performance of his young career on Sunday. He earned a 79.7 overall grade, 78.4 pass-blocking grade, and 73.4 run-blocking grade against Carolina in Week 8.

The fact that the 49ers were able to run the ball as effectively as they could with backup tackles only makes you wonder what happens when they get the blocking back to full strength. They (hopefully) get Joe Staley back for Monday night football, and then Mike McGlinchey and fullback Kyle Juszczyk follow along. If McGlinchey were to go down again (please, no), we at least know that Brunskill can hold down the fort.

For defense Richard Sherman managed to make the team at cornerback:

Sherman earned an impressive 90.0 overall grade and 90.9 coverage grade against Carolina on Sunday. He allowed just two receptions from four targets for nine yards and logged an interception in the contest.

I like seeing the love, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed. Both Tevin Coleman and Nick Bosa were players I thought would be making the team of the week. Coleman for his four touchdowns and effecting running and Bosa because...Nick Bosa.

At the same time though, highlights don’t really factor into the more detail-oriented stats of PFF, so while Bosa may have a Blu-ray disc worth of highlights on Sunday, his more scrutinized overall grade may have been less than the other two edges, Minnesota’s Danielle Hunter and Tampa Bay’s Lavonte David.

As for Coleman, he was beaten out by Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones, who had himself quite a night Sunday, so you can’t really find fault in that.

What do you think of the Team of the Week?