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Nick Bosa wins NFC Defensive Player of the Week

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His brother Joey won it for the AFC

Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

It should be a fun Thanksgiving for the Bosa brothers. Both Nick and Joey won the Defensive Player of the Week awards for their respective conferences. Nick had three sacks in the first half of a 51-14 49ers win over the Panthers in Week 8. It was a 46-yard interception return that was the icing on the cake for baby Bosa’s incredible afternoon. This is the second time in seven games that the 22-year old has won the award. It’s safe to say this won’t be the last time Bosa wins NFC Player of the Week, and it very well may happen again this season.

Honestly, it could happen again over the next month. The following three offensive lines the 49ers play are the Cardinals and the Seahawks, two teams that have the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Each team has a mobile quarterback that masks some of their issues, but even Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray haven’t been able to escape pressure this season.

Here was Nick on Sunday giving credit to his teammate:

“Once you get a sack, really, it just lets you calm down. Two of those sacks could have been Buckner’s easily. We’ve kind of gone back and forth, giving each other sacks this year, so I’m lucky to have two interior guys who close the pocket so well.”

On one of the sacks, Buckner had Kyle Allen in his grasp, but Allen escaped, only for Bosa to be there for the cleanup. That’s been happening all season. One person wins, and if he doesn’t finish, one or two more 49ers are there for the taking. The defensive line has been playing “meet me at the quarterback” all season, with Bosa leading the way. Seven games. Seven sacks. Congrats to Nick for spearheading the best pass-rush in the NFL.