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49ers vs. Cardinals: Who wins, and why?

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The Niners Nation staff predicts tonight’s game

NFL: OCT 27 Panthers at 49ers Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 49ers face the Arizona Cardinals tonight on the road in a critical divisional matchup. As always, the Niners Nation staff predicts the game.


The 49ers were favored by seven points on Sunday. They are now favored by ten points. That tells you all you need to know about this game when there’s that drastic of a movement. The total on this game is 43 points, so Vegas is expected a 27-17 win for San Francisco. It’s a divisional game, and those are always trick, so I do expect it to be a bit closer than most. I also don’t see how the 49ers don’t score more than 30 points. Arizona couldn’t score 30 against this defense if they started each possession at midfield. Marquise Goodwin scores on a long touchdown, and Dee Ford notches two sacks in a 33-17 win for the road team.

El Pato:

The 49ers aren’t losing.

There’s nothing more to say. 35-16, 49ers


I see a shootout, which will be interesting because it forces Shanahan to reveal another card or two that he’s been holding back. 45-32, 49ers

Josh E.

San Francisco, as we all know, is off to a 7-0 start for the first time since 1990, and there are no signs of slowing down. The rookie defensive end has really come into his own - not only is he pushing for what appears to be a shoo-in for Defensive Rookie of the Year, but he is also in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year. The defense, as a whole, is off to a torrid pace, so it’s hard to see the likes of the Arizona Cardinals being able to crack through when other teams haven’t.

It’s a short week for the 49ers, but Sunday was such a blowout that many of the starters were able to rest during the 4th quarter. Head coach Kyle Shanahan is on a hot streak and should have the team ready for what should be another win in the books.

Final score: 49ers 35, Cardinals 17

Jeff Medina

A Thursday night road game isn’t ideal, but in this case, it’s not much of a road. A two-hour flight and just one-time zone over, the 49ers shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting and being 100% prepared for this primetime showdown.

On paper, the 49ers present a suffocating defensive line - which matches up well against Arizona’s porous offensive line - and a punishing rushing attack, which matches up well with Arizona’s 25th ranked rushing defense. The only possible equalizer here is rookie QB Kyler Murray whose mobility will present a new wrinkle that the 49ers defense has yet to face in 2019.

Having said all of that, I expect the 49ers defense to have another strong showing against their divisional opponent, and the offense to have a big night as well. Shanahan and company end the Niners 8 game losing streak against the Cards, and finish up the first half of their season with a perfect 8-0 mark.

Final score: 49ers 31, Cardinals 13

Akash Anavarathan

Short weeks on the road don’t bode well for any team, but playoff teams with high expectations do not lose to a rookie quarterback and rookie head coach.

The strength of the 49ers has been identified as their stout defensive line, that rushes passers like there’s no tomorrow. The weakness on the Cardinals’ side happens to be their offensive line, so it’s a matchup that San Francisco should dominate.

Arizona is likely to be without running backs David Johnson and Chase Edmonds, meaning newly acquired Kenyan Drake should be the featured back for the Cardinals.

San Francisco’s offense should have running backs Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert, even though they’re battling injuries coming into tonight. The 49ers should win this game, but these Thursday Night Football games end up closer than most think.

Final score: 49ers 23, Cardinals 10