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49ers have gotten the monkey off their backs and have their best record since know what today is


8-0. Last time the 49ers had eight wins was under Jim Harbaugh. Look, we are about to hit the hardest part of the 49ers schedule, but no matter what happens, the 49ers will not finish with a losing season. There has been so much progress with Shanahan and Lynch’s team that you can’t help but be impressed.

NFL take note: THAT’S how you rebuild a roster. Not with a one and done, or at two-season head coach. You need a GM and head coach tied at the hip who will get along. It’s a partnership. Something tells me that coaches might get a bit longer in the NFL to get a roster together now that they see what it took for Shanahan to turn things around.

So the game. All I have to say is, I don’t want to hear anything more about Jimmy Garoppolo being a bad quarterback. The question is how good is he? The Cardinals defense might not be the barometer to gauge it, but four touchdowns in a single game is impressive no matter who you are. But more impressive was when the defense broke down and the coaches went back to Garoppolo once more, he delivered a strike to Emmanuel Sanders to put this thing away.

And how good is that guy? He hasn’t even been in San Francisco a month yet and he’s got a chemistry with Jimmy G some wide receivers wish they had five years with a QB.

It’s a late evening so we’ll be breaking things down through the weekend. All i can say is my measure of success was eight wins. The 49ers have achieved that and they have eight more games to play. I know we all have the 16-0 hopes and that is a VERY believable ending with what we’ve seen, but milestones. The 49ers have failed to get to eight wins since Harbaugh left and here they are staring at the second half of the season without a single loss.

Oh and be ready for a weekend discussing how good Garoppolo is. Call me crazy, but Cardinals defense or not, Jimmy G looks damn good.

Enjoy the evening folks.