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Panda Express has George Kittle for an ad

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‘Bout time!

Those of you who have been with us for a while may remember the days when Jennifer Lee Chan was writing for us and had the opportunity to have sit-downs with San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle and wide receiver Trent Taylor. I began a campaign of that saying why Panda Express didn’t use those two as spokespeople for their food was beyond me. Kittle and Taylor talked about Panda Express A LOT in videos.

Well Panda Express thought so too, because now, we have one of those two in a promo video from their Twitter account:

Check out doze dance moves!

I’m not too familiar with Panda Express’s marketing targets, but I remember my sister (who was 15 at the time) would religiously eat there with her basketball team. I thought it was just a private school thing, until when I was visiting from Seattle and ate about $200 worth of Panda Express myself over the course of a week. Every time I was in there for either lunch or dinner, the place was filled with teenagers and 20-somethings.

I don’t know if that’s the norm for Panda Express across the country. This is one restaurant in Boise, Idaho (out of hundreds). What I’m getting at is if this small Idaho restaurant is a caricature of Panda Express’ natural demographic, George Kittle is a no-brainer. For one, he’s already plugged the restaurant and has shown he legitimately loves the food (they aren’t paying him for a fake endorsement), for another he’s a young dude that those kids I mentioned above will gravitate to and listen to in advertisements. Who doesn’t love George Kittle? Like, really? Finally, Kittle resonates a sort of ‘old school’ feeling that gets to those a decade or two older than him.

For instance, he likes wrestling; many of us in our mid-30s have moved past that with the current product (though AEW is intriguing), but Kittle brings up nostalgic greats like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock—that’s stuff the older crowd can get. It’s like when an adult can talk about a 5-year old’s cartoon and know what they were talking about—same concept.

Point of the matter is, Panda Express couldn’t find a better person to market their food given Kittle’s legitimate enjoyment of it and his marketing appeal to all ages at this stage in his career.

The next thing to endorse? Peptol Bismol. Because we all know what eating at Panda Express can sometimes lead to.