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NFL Week 5 AM Thread

Let’s watch non-49ers football.

Welcome to Week 5. The San Francisco 49ers do have a game this week, but it won’t be happening until Monday. That means we have another slate of games to watch on redzone, flip through, or be stuck with if you have basic cable. This will be our morning game thread for the action.

The Baltimore Ravens have the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is one of the two games I’m going to be interested in. This is a good scouting tool for the Ravens, who the 49ers have later in the season. Plus, the Steelers didn’t look awful last week against the Cincinnati Bengals and if they can churn out another win, I’ll feel a bit better about the 49ers defense and the win they had two weeks ago.

Then there’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints. That’s a game I’d like to see. Say what you want about the Bucs, but they always go lights out at the Superdome and this game should be no different, especially when the Bucs showed they can lay points on other teams (hello Los Angeles!). The Saints are still without Drew Brees and if we take a far unnecessary look at the playoffs, that would help all involved since I doubt no one wants to go to New Orleans for a playoff game.

I guess from a pure division standpoint, I’m interested in watching the Arizona Cardinals vs. The Cincinnati Bengals, this week’s “Suck Bowl.” Yeah, other entertainment options like sleeping sound more attractive, but if the Bengals keep the Cardinals winless, that eliminates any annoying threat the 49ers, Seahawks, Rams have of them coming back. That’ would make the Cardinals winless for five weeks. I don’t know how you crawl out of that hole.

What are you watching for the morning?

NFL Sunday schedule for Week 4 (all times Pacific)

Jacksonville Jaguars at Carolina Panthers , 10 a.m., CBS
New England Patriots at Washington, 10 a.m., CBS
Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans, 10 a.m., CBS
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers, 10 a.m., CBS
Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals, 10 a.m., FOX
Atlanta Falcons at Houston Texans, 10 a.m., FOX
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints, 10 a.m., FOX
Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants, 10 a.m., FOX
Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders 10 a.m., FOX
New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles 10 a.m., CBS