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49ers planning another extended stay on the other side of the country

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After the success of Youngstown, and another stretch of road games looming, the 49ers are going to be staying somewhere in Florida.

When the 49ers stayed in Youngstown to start the 2019 season, they weren’t near as lethargic as they may have been had they traveled back and forth. Since they won in Tampa Bay and blew out the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s definitely evidence that maybe staying somewhere close in their back to back road games against the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints is a good idea. And Kyle Shanahan said in his press conference, that’s the plan.

The spot? Florida. Where in Florida? Not disclosed, but somewhere in Florida.

“Shouldn’t be as hot that time of year,” Shanahan said, “so we should be alright,”

To finalise, Shanahan needs to meet with the leadership council. Something he’s been forgetting to do.

The Ravens and the Saints are two teams the 49ers will need to be on their game for. Having the effects of travel and the road shouldn’t be one of the many issues those teams present them. The Ravens have been solid with their new-look offense while the Saints will be (hopefully or not hopefully depending on how you look at it) getting quarterback Drew Brees back into action when the 49ers roll in.

Sure, playing on the west coast can be a detriment when the 49ers have to travel across the country, but it looks like they have found a way to deal with it.

I mean, it worked last time.