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49ers one of two undefeated teams remaining

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Can the 49ers hold on?

And then there were two.

The Kansas City Chiefs finished in a very un-Kansas City Chiefs way, losing to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night football 19-13. There’s going to be plenty of analysis on this and how Pat Mahomes couldn’t do much of anything all night—especially when the game was at the Chiefs’ home base of Arrowhead. For now, it means another undefeated team in the NFL has fallen.

Two remain the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo are the only undefeated quarterbacks in 2019. All of that could change or continue after tonight.

The San Francisco 49ers are taking on a Cleveland Browns squad that is heating up. They haven’t gone nuclear yet, but that win they had over the Ravens last week certainly can help their momentum. Yes, the Ravens-Steelers game the following week may have changed everyone’s opinions on that win, but there’s no mistaking it: Cleveland is good.

The 49ers have an opportunity not only to remain undefeated but to prove that those last three wins were no fluke. Over the last few weeks, it was seen that this game and next week’s away contest against the Los Angeles Rams as the two games to show us what we have with the 49ers. Many of you thought the Rams would be the game that would tell us what we have.

After that Thursday night loss in Seattle, I think it’s all on Cleveland. Don’t get me wrong, the Rams are a good team and winning in Los Angeles certainly helps the 49ers cause in Week 6, but they are no longer a one-loss team. If the 49ers can go to 4-0 on Monday night, it can say a lot on its own.

4-0. Let’s see if they can go 4-0. If they win, they take the cash, and they take the respect.