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Kyle Juszczyk carted off the field

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We’ll see what happens here. RIght now it looks like it’s not too serious

Everyone but 49ers fans may have turned off this Monday Night Football game, but it’s been enjoyable for the fans. Unfortunately, what was a clean first half has turned into the injury bug. Fullback Kyle Juszczyk was knocked in the air via his knee and was seen kneeling on the field and then helped off. As I write this I saw him being carted off the field. Not good.

Cross your fingers that it’s just a minor bruise. He wasn’t clutching anything on the field, rather just on both knees beckoning for trainers, so maybe that says something?

The 49ers need to get out of here without any more injuries. The long snapping unit is horrendous and they are up 25 points. No need to do anything else crazy.