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49ers are 4-0 and won their 49th Monday Night’s a good day

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Bring it all in

Remember when I had to find funny cat videos? Not tonight.

To be honest, I was wondering if some crazy stuff would happen to the 49ers to make us drop to 3-1, but the 49ers didn’t do that. Instead they proved they belong with the NFL’s best. That gameplan of run, run, run, was so genius. Even more genius was Cleveland daring Jimmy Garoppolo to throw the ball and Jimmy G burning them for such a thought.

And Nick Bosa? What a stud. We haven’t seen a guy so dominant as a pass rusher since Aldon Smith.

Meanwhile, the Browns can go home being clearly outplayed. That loss decimates moral. I know this because as a 49ers fan we’ve been on the other side of those things. I don’t know a coach besides Kyle Shanahan that could keep things together after getting thumped 31-3. And that Baker Mayfield pull towards the end of the game may have been a mercy killing, but it might be a story this week.

And that score should have been so much more. The 49ers will need to keep looking for a long snapper, at least for one more week until Kyle Nelson comes back, because who they have isn’t working. Too many missed field goals.

Now we have the Los Angeles Rams. If you told me the 49ers have a legit shot at this one I’d have laughed. Guess what? The 49ers have a LEGIT shot at this one. Really, they beat the Rams and we can start looking at a postseason run. Yes, the 49ers are that good.

I’m rambling on in a blog that is seen by thousands right now, so I’m gonna just put some ice cube on there and go enjoy this evening.

Stay faithful, my friends.