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49ers remain in first place in the NFC West

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The San Francisco 49ers returned from their bye for Monday Night Football and boy what a day it was. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely out of energy after that beat down of the Cleveland Browns. The win helps legitimize the 49ers as well as give the national media a display of just how good the 49ers are.

This wasn’t just a defensive win. This was a win that showed the 49ers are no longer a cute little team that surprised a few people. They are a power right now, and that 31-3 beatdown of the Cleveland Browns should signify that. The win not only makes the 49ers out of excuses to make a playoff push but also gets them just a bit deeper in the NFC West picture.

Seattle Seahawks(4-1)/Los Angeles Rams(3-2)

For once, we had a decent Thursday night game when the Rams went to Seattle to face the Seahawks. Things were undoubtedly boring for some of the first quarter, but things got interesting as the game went on. A lucky interception helped the Seahawks towards the end, and a missed 44-yard field goal finished everything off.

The Rams and Seahawks both played hard, with Russell Wilson being the player of the game. 17-23 (73.9 completion percentage) four touchdowns, 151.8 passer rating. Good lord. The Rams showed that they are still a great team, but not quite the juggernaut that they were in 2018.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, definitely have some skills for them, but have also shown their vulnerabilities. To be the man, you gotta beat the man. Right now, the winner of the NFC West depends on the Trio of the Seahawks, the Rams, and the 49ers, and which team can win at another team’s house.

The game puts the Rams into third place with the Seahawks in second.

Arizona Cardinals (1-3-1)

The shame-watch of the week produced a win for the Cardinals. They went into Cincinnati’s house and beat the Bengals 26-23. Yes, the same Bengals the 49ers throttled in Week 2. Hey, a win is a win, and the Cardinals got one to keep them from running the table in reverse.

Not like it helps. The Cardinals are three games back, and you’re expecting one of the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams to give up a potential No. 1 ranking to the Cardinals? Good luck.

The Bengals game wasn’t horrible, and it was kind of fun. Yes, both teams have a bad win-loss rating, but the game itself wasn’t entirely a slop fest.

At the end of the day, the Bengals are fighting with the Miami Dolphins for the No. 1 pick. Washington isn’t too far behind.

Into Week 6

The final test in the 49ers coming out party happens in Week 6 when they travel to face the Los Angeles Rams. If the 49ers can pull off a win there, there shouldn’t be any more questions about their legitimacy. That’s an if. The 49ers haven’t beaten the Rams when it matters (not counting that game where the Rams pulled starters), so we can’t go assuming just because they won four games they will steamroll the Rams. The Rams are beatable, but they are still the NFC Champs. As I’ve said, to be the man, you gotta beat the man.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks travel to the Cleveland Browns. The Browns backs are against the wall after they were embarrassed on Monday, so look for them to put up a game. Seattle is a different team on the road, but they are no joke. It wouldn’t be surprising if Seattle pulls a win out late in a close game, but I think the Seahawks may have this over early.

The Cardinals host the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have the third-ranked passing offense in the NFL, which is better than anything the Cardinals could muster. Both teams hold onto one win apiece, so we should get a good idea of who the NFC bottom feeders are with this game.

Though if you want a REALLY crummy game, go watch Washington-Miami Dolphins. That is the true toilet bowl of the season.

1st: San Francisco 49ers; Next: at Los Angeles Rams

2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: at Cleveland Browns

3rd: Los Angeles Rams; Next: vs. San Francisco 49ers

4th: Arizona Cardinals; Next: vs. Atlanta Falcons