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This is why Kyle Shanahan is the best; Baker Mayfield is a poor sport

Calling touchdowns before the play even happened and pouting after a loss

Cleveland Browns v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We roam around the locker room after the games, and Rob caught up with Joe Staley, where the Hall of Famer to be explained what happened on the sidelines during George Kittle’s 22-yard touchdown. Kyle Shanahan said “touchdown” and walked away before Jimmy Garoppolo could even receive the snap. Staley loved it, and laughingly said “What a bad site decorum!” Shanahan’s confidence compared to Freddie Kitchen’s in that game was palpable. Look at their game-plans. The home team knew that could do whatever they wanted out of the gate, and it showed in the play-calling. The road team needed gadget plays to move the ball. I will give Kitchens credit, as that trap play to Nick Chubb was a nice call, but Cleveland was simply outmatched.

The other big story was Baker Mayfield, who continues to act like a child. Mayfield refused to shake hands before the game, which ticked some of the 49ers players off. Here is what Richard Sherman had to say:

“What’s amazing, and annoying, was him not shaking hands at the beginning,” Sherman told Silver. “That’s some college s--t. It’s ridiculous. We’re all trying to get psyched up, but shaking hands with your opponent -- that’s NFL etiquette. And when you pull bush league stuff, that’s disrespectful to the game. And believe me, that’s gonna get us fired up. “He hasn’t earned anything in this league,” Sherman said of Mayfield. “How many games has he won? He’s acting like he was the MVP last year. If (Chiefs QB Patrick) Mahomes did that, it would be one thing. But he would never do that, because he has too much respect for the game. And when you see a guy who doesn’t? You humble him every chance you get. Because eventually, he will have respect for the league -- or he’ll be out of it.”

The media would go nuts if Lamar Jackson did that or if Josh Allen wouldn’t shake hands before a game. It may not seem like much, but there’s a mutual respect. Shake hands. It’s simple. For whatever reason, Baker gets treated like the golden child. This isn’t anything new, and his antics aren’t funny when the Browns aren’t winning. Players recognize this, and as Sherman said, they’ll humble him at every opportunity.

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of #HandshakeGate.

Why would anyone care about facts though, right?